Healing People

 Welcome to the Healing People page, below is a list of people who have counseled me, guided me, improved my mental health, increased my vitality, given me hope, eased my spiritual torment, protected me,, and have healed my physical body in unbelievable ways. Listed are licensed chiropractors, reiki practitioners, medicine women, shamans, astrologers, witches, teachers, and mothers. I believe it takes many mothers to heal us, these are some of the healing people that have changed my life. Universal Mother is a web of many mothers.


Domonique Echeverria

Creator of Universal Mother

Shamanic Reiki Healer

Medicine Woman


Holistic Medicine Advocate

Artist & Muse

email: domonique@universalmother.love



My name is Domonique and I am a disabled, queer, latinx, intuitive reiki healer, seer, big sister, and the creator of Universal Mother, a connecting you to the healing people, places, and remedies that have shaped my evolution as a healer, and human who has had to transmute an unbelievable amount of suffering. After surviving years of psychological, spiritual, and physical trauma, I discovered the incredible and effective benefits of alternative healing, from reiki to chiropractic care, which has transformed my life, and has helped me reach a state of physical and mental wellness I never dreamed possible. I believe my unique experiences have provided me with priceless wisdom, inner strength, and an endless amount of compassion for those that seek my help. I honor my ancestors and my family through my practice. Everything you need to know is coded in your bones, everyone has the power to heal themselves, just sometimes we get stuck, let me help you get unstuck. Read more about my healing journey here.