Universal Mother is a safe space curated by a team of healers and visionaries to help guide you through your human experience.

Photo by: Rusty Deatherage

Photo by: Rusty Deatherage

I was inspired to create this site in response to all of the suffering that I have witnessed this year; the world needs a Universal Mother. I don't believe that there is just one person or entity that can solve all of our problems. How can we help save the Earth? How can we help save you? All I can do is inspire you to take action. This site is designed to help heal, awaken and strengthen yourself so we can conquer these destructive issues at hand. You already have the knowledge and tools, I just want to help you find them. This site is curated by light workers for YOU and if there is something you wish to see or learn don’t hesitate to contact our site. . . whether its a recipe, a sanctuary, an article, information on activism, healers, support groups. . .we are happy to share! We look forward to growing with you.


Domonique Echeverria