Sarah McLeod

Shamanic Healing

House blessing and clearing

Creative Visionary

Motivational Speaker



Empowerment Coach

Sarah McLeod is an incredibly gifted healer, intuitive, and soul seer. She has been a huge impact on my healing process, from my pain management and physical healing of my body, to my psychological healing from years of trauma, to energy clearing for my soul, and without her I would be lost. She is one of my most treasured resources that I can share with you.



Domonique Echeverria

Creator of Universal Mother

Intuitive Reiki Healer

Medicine Woman


Holistic Medicine Advocate

My name is Domonique and I am the creator of Universal Mother, a site curated in hopes to guide anyone looking for answers and bring peace to those that are suffering or lost. On November 9, 2015, after many years of suffering from trauma and abuse, chronic illness, spiritual torment, and physical pain I attempted to take my own life by jumping in front of a subway train in New York. I was misdiagnosed by an irresponsible psychiatrist and put on a mood stabilizer that negatively affected my body chemistry, triggering me into a dangerous psychosis. I was bed ridden for almost two months with severe injuries including fractures, burns, ruptured organs, and two amputations and later locked in a psyche ward against my will and tortured. I was slowly dying when my Godmother Juana came to visit me; she reminded me of my indigenous roots, inspiring me to tap into sacred wisdom, allowing me to escape and accelerate my healing process. To honor my ancestors I have compiled sacred wisdom I have learned, connections I have made, and tools that have brought me comfort. Everyone has the ability to heal themselves, question what you know.




Camille Langston

Reiki Master Teacher

Intuitive Healer

Tarot Card Reader

Crystal Healer

Camille’s journey began in 2011 when she received her first reiki healing, and knew afterwards that her awakening had begun. Since then she has been on a beautiful, challenging, soul-expanding journey of remembering and re-awakening to her highest self. She is eternally grateful for the trust, openness, and bravery of all those that come to her for healings, or even for deep conversations of spirit. These people inspire her to continue this work of helping others experience the joy of the present moment, oneness, and remembering that Love is the highest vibration of all. She is available for house calls in the Los Angeles area, as well as long distance reiki healing or tarot card readings via skype. Ashé.


IG: reikimedicinegoddess

Ida Feshangchi

Tarot Reader



Reiki Practitioner

Crystal Healing Practitioner

Co-Founder of Universal Mother

Ida Feshangchi is a tarot reader and Okuden Reiki practitioner of Usui Reiki with 13 years of experience in the metaphysical sciences and healing arts. There is great symbolism in the cards and archetypes that we can all relate to and Ida will help connect you to wisdom, clarity, guidance and comfort, while providing a space for the body, spirit and mind to relax and heal.


Rebecca Rose Vandersteen


Intuitive Healer and Aura Cleanser

Spiritual Guide

Hello! My name is Rebecca and I am at your service. It's my calling and it's my honor to assist you in your life. I have two mottos; first one , "stay where the love is always" , and second one, “finding YOU is the key”. I’m a spiritual guide, healer, and dedicated mother of 2 daughters. They are my everything! I struggled myself as a child , coming from an adopted family and a survivor of sexual abuse and found peace in a spiritual realm where I felt safe, and cracked open an insight to great knowledge. I know there is light beyond the darkness. I want to spread my wisdom and uplift those in need. I believe in you , and you will believe in me.

Find me on Facebook for my services :

Oshoon ~ aura cleansing& fortune telling


IG: Venussuperstar & venussuperstar23

FB: Oshoon, Venus Superstar Jewelry & Rebecca Rose Vandersteen

Shine Blackhawk


intuitive healer


specializing in healing rose tinctures

(healing heart and womb trauma)

witch bath


enchanted oils

crystal magick

Goddess ritual sacred work to heal the divine feminine within

Assisting in unleashing the wild woman archetype through shamanic tantric dance and trance with roots from West Africa to New Orleans ….”it’s in the blood”

Shine Blackhawk received her name from a Lakota medicine man in a sacred ceremony where many gifts were spoken onto her. She currently resides in New York where she practices the craft of a solitary witch, crafting potions from wild flowers, roots and herbs….channeling spirit guides and animal totems to assist in the process of healing, releasing and tuning into ones own personal power.

All blessings be

Contact shine Blackhawk

For custom crafted blends and wild healing services


Hokulani Beale

Certified Astrologer

Hokulani’s name was dreamt by a Hawaiian Kapuna (elder) in her family and given to her at birth in the ancient Hawaiian tradition. “Hokulani” means Heavenly Star. If you’re of Hawaiian descent, your “Inoa” (name) is your most prized possession. Traditionally, Hawaiians believed that an ancestral god would mystically send a name to a member of the unborn child’s family. They looked for this name in signs, visions, and dreams, and the name became a type of prophecy of the child’s future. So you could say that Hokulani is fulfilling her divine calling as an interpreter of the stars. Her reading style is deep and compassionate. One client recently described her reading with Hokulani as “a lovely, warm soul hug.”

*available for Skype sessions



Aja Daashuur

Aja Daashuur is a Certified Intuitive & Transformational Life Coach (LPI), Spirit Guide Medium, Akashic Records Reader, Sound Bath Practitioner, and founder of Spirit House Collective.

She is a true believer in the innate power every woman has to achieve success through self love.

“I became a coach, because I believe with all of my being that I was born to help women tap into the individual spirit that allows us to be beautiful, magical, and inspiring creations. To live and learn from a place of continual growth instead of fear is a gift that each of us should be able to receive.”



Darcey Leonard

Tarot Reader & Reiki Healer

Darcey Leonard is a palm reader and empath who has been studying hands for over 15 years. She combines learned palmistry, sharp intuition, and pragmatic advice for a unique reading that will give you deeper understanding of yourself as well as action steps for the future. 

She is the creative director and producer of The House of Screwball, and founder of Tarot Society. 



Baba Obafemi

Healer, Teacher, Lecturer, Author, Life Coach & Spiritual Advisor

"Awareness unlocks the mind and frees the soul."


phone: 281. 536. 3827

 Severely Mame

Witch & Seer


Fishion Herb Center NY

Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine

107 Mott Street, NY, NY 10013

phone: 212. 966. 8771