Let’s begin with something for our primitive souls; music is medicine.

Nomi Ruiz

Nomi is one of the most beautifully inspiring and captivating women I have ever met. She is a combination of an Xman superhero, a 90s supermodel, an indigenous rebel, Kali, Sade, a gorgeous telenovela actress, a trans priestess, a gifted child, a voyeuristic dreamer, an Egyptian goddess, loyal sister and seductress. Her music speaks bountiful truth, showing her soul and bleeding heart. Nomi Ruiz is an icon and healer.

Tibetan Healing Bowls create are beautiful and grounding. Whenever I'm feeling anxious, angry, fragmented, or unable to be mindful with my daily routine, I listen to this. Sometimes my emotions can be crippling, causing me to freeze, but these sounds have saved me from many destructive acts and over time they became a healthy trigger. . now my body responds immediately before the snowball effect of anxiety takes over. I was very judgmental at first. . .how could this small thing possibly help my giant problems at all? You will be surprised at how your body responds if you are consistent with using healthy coping mechanisms, not to mention, its good for your soul.